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You have been kidnapped by a sadistic murderer who goes by the name SArIN. He chains up you and a few other captives into a bunker to test the effects of toxicity on the human mind. Instead of taking your life instantly, he wants to watch you slowly suffocate from the toxic gas he releases into the chamber. Others who have come before you did not die in vain. They have left behind clues for any next victims to escape. To prevent SArIN from discovering their clues, they created intricate puzzles that must be solved to earn your freedom. As your team works to escape, your abductor frequently checks on you through the cameras to ensure you are not trying to secure your freedom. You must hide all of your progress on the puzzles his previous victims left behind before you are caught! Using your own wit, teamwork, and the guidance of a hacker, will you be able to escape this psychotic dungeon? Or will you succumb to the overwhelming Toxicity within?

  • This is a realistic experience where you will be blindfolded, chained and handcuffed.

  • This is an interactive experience where a 'killer' will be checking in on your game multiple times and may even enter your room.

  • One of your members will be locked in a cell and will distribute important information to the other members. This member must be okay with being in an enclosed space.

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