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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do you take payment in cash?
    We do! HOWEVER! Our owner needs to be on site to accept cash payments. If you want to pay in cash, please call us.
  • Can parties of 10 or more play all together?
    Yes, but in different rooms! We modify the rooms so that a large group can split into three rooms and communicate with each other to solve puzzles together so they can all escape from their respective room! However, you must call in advance for this modification to be added.
  • Can you book parties over 8 players?
    Yes, if you have a party of more than eight, feel free to call us to discuss the different options available. You can also check out our 'Group Packages' page to review special offers that we have for parties larger than six, special events, or cooperate events.
  • Can I bring an infant/toddler?
    Yes, although, we ask you to book a private room or max the amount of players for the room so you do not inconvenience any other guests who might book with you and were not expecting a young child. However, it is entirely your choice.
  • What does it mean that you are pet friendly?
    This means you can bring your fur-babies in and not be turned away! As long as you let us know you plan on bringing your pet-partner and your room is a PRIVATE ROOM, you're all set to go! We also have a rescue cat that is currently staying at our place of business.
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