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Frequently Asked Questions


What is your average price?

Our average price per person is $30. Prices per child vary so please call us to reserve if you have a youngster! Toxicity is a different cost because it is more immersive as well as a 90 minute room so it is $42 per person. Prices per child are different for this as well!

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! We have many discounts available! Please call us at 407-270-5444 to learn about all of our discounts or simply click here to see the top four we offer!

Do you take payment in cash form?

Yes! We take cash payment as well! Please call us at 407-270-5444 to schedule a time so we can bring our cash box in and confirm it with one of our Game Masters!

Can you book parties that are over eight?

Yes, if you have a party of more than eight, feel free to call us to discuss the different options available. You can also check out our 'Group Packages' page to review special offers that we have for parties larger than six, special events, or cooperate events.


Can large groups of 9 or more play all together?

Yes, but in different rooms! We modify the rooms so that a large group can split into three rooms and communicate with each other to solve puzzles together so they can all escape from their respective room! However, you must call in advance for this modification to be added.

Do you have rooms available for children 4+?

Yes, we definitely do! We actually can modify the room to be easier for smaller children! Just give us a call and let us know in advance!

Can I bring my infant/toddler?

Yes, although, we ask you to book a private room or max the amount of players for the room so you do not inconvenience any other guests who might book with you and were not expecting a young child. However, it is entirely your choice.


Do you offer any refunds or cancellations?

We do not give refunds or cancellations. This is because if you book a time slot that someone else wanted, and you do not show up for the scheduled time, someone that may have been wanting that scheduled room would miss out on an opportunity. You do however, have the option to reschedule the booking 1 hour before the time starts (one time only).

How late can we be to our booking?

It depends. If your party is the only group booked for the game, you may still show up late, but the game will end at exactly one hour after the initial time. If there is another group booked with your party, the room will start EXACTLY at the time listed. Once the room has started, doors do NOT open. There is always the option to reschedule 1 hour before the appointment for free ONCE.

Other Questions

What does it mean that you are pet friendly?

This means you can bring your fur-babies in and not be turned away! As long as you let us know you plan on bringing your pet-partner, you're all set to go! We also have a rescue cat that is currently staying at our place of business.

If we purchased a gift certificate/voucher from, how do we use it?

Any gift certificate/voucher purchased from AHE MUST be booked in advance over the phone with the exception of a Groupon voucher which MUST be booked online. DISCOUNT CODES CANNOT BE STACKED WITH A GROUPON. Please call us at 407-270-5444 to take advantage of your gift certificate/voucher.

Why isn't my Groupon code working?

There are many specifics to using Groupon codes. The top 3 issues that customers usually have is if the code they typed in is incorrect, they're trying to book Toxicity (which is not on Groupon) or they have a Groupon for Tuesday-Thursday and try to book during the weekend. If there are any other issues associated with a Groupon voucher, you can find most of the answers on the Groupon site itself or you can give us a call and we'd be happy to assist you with what we know. 

Can I change my chosen room after I booked it?

If you book one of our rooms by normal payment, you may of course change your room of choice with no additional payment unless you are switching to our more expensive room (Toxicity) and your card would have an added on charge. Although, if you used a Groupon to book your room, we cannot change the room of choice because of contract purposes. 


Do you have a question that isn't listed above?

Email our website manager at bbproductions914@gmail.com or call us at 407-270-5444

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