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Dr Lycan

1st Place: Arepa power 31:19

​2nd Place: Team Margaritas 35:38

3rd Place: McIntosh Crew 35:38

4th Place: The Donuts 35:51

5th Place: Sara birthday 36:23

6th Place: DACA 37:00

7th Place: Drunken Donuts 37:03

8th Place: 13 going on 30 38:34

9th Place: The Andres 38:34

10th Place: Munch 39:02

Arepa power
Team Margaritas
McIntosh Crew
The Donuts
Sara birthday
Drunken Donuts
13 going on 30
The Andres
The Woods

1st Place: Dysfunctional Dudes 34:42 
2nd Place: Win 34:42
3rd Place: Team Lauren 35:29
4th Place: Pale 36:29
5th Place: Team Trip 37:33
6th Place: Los Bellacos 38:30
7th Place: Swag 39:45
8th Place: The Jays 40:30
9th Place: The B-Team 41:12
10th Place: GOAT Squad 41:26

Dysfunctional Dudes
Team Lauren
Team Trip
Los bellacos
The Jays
The B-Team
GOAT Squad

1st Place: 144 64:17
2nd Place: Team woot 66:25
3rd Place: Bear frands 67:52
4th Place: Escapé 68:04
5th Place: Yizatski 71:31
6th Place: Cooch lick 75:33
7th Place: Bang Stick 75:48
8th Place: The Fiji's 75:54
9th Place: Cry-sis 77:03
10th Place: Scared & Confused 77:24

Team woot
Bear frands
Cooch lick
Bang Stick
The Fiji's
Scared & Confused
Your Way 3 - Play

1st Place: Team Rochet 2:32:10
2nd Place: We Are HoarAble 2:34:01
3rd Place: Video Store Rejects 2:35:37
4th Place: The Muffins 2:52:04

Team Rochet
We Are HoarAble
Video Store Rejects
The Muffins
The Late Night Lock - In

1st Place: Like The Breeze 2:46:35
2nd Place: watermelon 2:54:03 
3rd Place: Suicide Squad 3:00:05 
4th Place: Captives 3:07:59 
5th Place: Ready Set Go 3:08:20 
6th Place: Vintage 3:11:41 
7th: PlaceTequila Mockingbird 3:12:11 
8th Place: GOATS 3:14:13 
9th Place: The Convicts 3:15:47 
10th Place: Sexy baboons 3:17:10 

Like The Breeze
Suicide Squad
Ready Set Go
Tequila Mockingbird
The Convicts
Sexy baboons
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