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Corporate Events

For large parties, we have some awesome discounts. The more people you have, the more the price is discounted! Even though our rooms only take up to 8 players per room, we can split the parties up into multiple teams and have them all play at the same time! We have 3 rooms here, so at most, we can allow 24 players playing at the same time for one hour. If you have more than 24 playing, we can have 24 play for the first hour, while the other players can enjoy some snacks and beverages while they wait. Then, when the first group of 24 is done, they next group will head in and the ones that just played can enjoy the snacks. So on and so forth. 

Here are the rates for large groups:
9-15 players: 15%OFF
16-23 players: 30%OFF
24-31: 40%OFF
32-39: 45%OFF
40-48: 50%OFF
48+: 55%OFF

If you would like to set up a large group, please call us at 407-270-5444 and use the owner's extension: 1997.
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